A Spanish matador was sent flying after a bull gored him in the buttocks.

The bull turned on Enrique Ponce, flipping him over, after being knifed by the matador.

Mr Ponce, 48, fell to the ground and was seen lying with his arms covering his head as the bull stood close to his body.

But the father-of-two was soon seen returning to his feet.

The father-of-two reportedly escaped without major injuries – apart from some bruising and torn knee ligaments – according to Spanish media.

The bull eventually died and the matador then went on to kill another.

The fight, which was held at El Puerto de Santa Maria’s bullfighting ring in Cadiz, Andalusia, took place in front of a packed crowd despite a spike in coronavirus cases in some parts of Spain.

Mr Ponce, one of Spain’s most famous matadors, has already had to deal with a bull fighting back before.

Last year, a more severe goring left him requiring knee surgery and a 10cm (4 inch) injury to his buttock, the Independent reports.

In 2014, while opening the Las Fallas festival in Valencia, a bull broke his collarbone and several of his ribs.

Bullfighting returned to Spain after the government eased its lockdown restrictions.

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But animal rights campaigners were hoping that the sport would come to an end following the pandemic.

Some ranchers were forced to close due to the impact of the shutdown and several events were cancelled.

According to industry estimates, there are 54,000 jobs in the sector in Spain, Politico reports.

And ANOET, the national association of bullfight organisers, said the industry generates €1.5 billion (£1.3 billion) each year, rising to €4 billion (£3.6 billion) when taking into account its indirect impact on the economy.

Lockdown saw increasing calls for the controversial sport to be banned.

“Have we not already had an overdose of death and pain in these past months?” Carmen Ibarlucea of animal rights group La Tortura No Es Cultura (Torture Is Not Culture) said.

“They return to the bullrings and they mercilessly and tearlessly demand more public money to torture and see a peaceful herbivore dying.

“Meanwhile we, a social majority, are now calling for a true culture of peace and solidarity.”